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Electrification Made Easy

All the capital and expertise you need to electrify your fleet, without all the headaches


Eliminating the Complexity and Upfront Costs

We get it. Electrification feels expensive and complicated. You have mandates to keep up with and competition ready to outpace you. To stay competitive, it’s critical to start the electrification process sooner rather than later. And we’re here to help.


A Comprehensive Solution

We deploy the upfront capital to build out charging infrastructure and procure electric vehicles for your fleet while providing expert guidance from our team of clean energy and transportation experts.

Our end-to-end solutions mean you don’t have to go to multiple vendors to start operating safe and reliable EV fleets.

And, with uptime guarantees and fast-deployment options, we want to help you meet your sustainability goals and become the community partner you want to be.

Charging Hubs

Design Construction, & Operations
Whether on-site at your location or at one of our strategically located charging hubs, our solutions are flexible, scalable, and collaboratively designed to meet your specific needs whether you're managing large national fleets or regional operations.

Energy Management

Electrical Infrastructure & Energy Storage
We ensure cost predictability for commercial electric fleets by deploying solar arrays, batteries, and charging management software that ensure the lowest possible cost of EV charging.

Electric Vehicles

Procurement, Leasing, & Maintenance
Working directly with clients and equipment manufacturers, we provide custom, affordable EV fleet vehicle leasing and maintenance packages for our commercial transportation partners.

Rebates & Incentives

Application & Management
From coast to coast, local, state, and federal incentives are available for charging infrastructure and fleet electrification. Gage Zero helps you maximize and manage these incentives for cost-effective electrification initiatives and a lower total cost of ownership.