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We are Clean Energy and Transportation Experts

Gage Zero is paving the road to the electrified transportation future

Meet the team

We are a women-led team of clean energy and transportation experts, engineers, project managers, and infrastructure developers with more than $10 billion in combined experience developing and executing innovative, utility-scale renewable energy and battery storage projects.
"We all have a limited amount of time on this earth and I want to spend my waking hours in service to people and the planet. Gage Zero’s mission allows me to leverage the skills I have in order to help to reduce carbon and emissions which are harmful to people and the planet in a meaningful way.”
Zeina El-Azzi


“I co-founded Gage Zero to build a business that does right by our employees, our customers, our communities, and our planet.”
Carly Filler

Co-Founder &
Chief Commercial Officer

“I co-founded Gage Zero to help speed up the electrification of a transportation segment that is one of the most impactful to our communities and planet.”
Faisal El-Azzouzi
Co-Founder &
Vice President of Technology
“I work at Gage Zero because electrification of the commercial transportation sector would result in a meaningful impact on greenhouse gas emissions. At Gage Zero, I get to work alongside smart, hard-working, mission-driven colleagues who support each other in this challenging, but rewarding work.”
Pam Rosen


“Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the US, and causes a significant share of asthma-inducing air pollution as well. What makes me leap out of bed every morning is the opportunity to help our fleet partners cost-effectively eliminate these emissions while making our communities and planet healthier.”
Sam Arons

Vice President,
Business Development

“I believe that for the transportation industry to go through the massive transition to electrification, we will need broad-reaching industry collaboration, and I am excited to be part of a team with the business model, partnerships, and large utility infrastructure development experience to build a cleaner future for our communities and planet.”
Iga Hallberg

Vice President,

“Working at Gage Zero gives me the opportunity to connect the transportation world with doing the right thing for the environment through electrification which aligns with my personal values.”
Patrick Spang
Director, Business Development
“Having lived and worked in a traditional vehicle-centric metropolitan area for several years now, I’ve seen first-hand the effects of excessive GHG emissions on our communities and the greater environment. I truly believe in Gage Zero’s mission to partner with our customers and help them to holistically make the transition to zero emission vehicle fleet operations in the most affected communities all over the country.”
Jeffery Moore
Senior Project Engineer
“I work at Gage Zero because I want to see a better, cleaner world around me, and to create systems and cultural habits that support a circular economy leading to consistent and community-wide sustainable practices.”
Bailey Jo Stephens


Careers at Gage Zero

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact on the world.
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