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The EV charging land rush is about to kick off. A giant California deal shows why.

The world’s largest owner of warehouses is seizing on the biggest transformation of America’s roadways since the advent of the automobile.

October 23, 2023 by Daniel Geiger

Excerpt from Business Insider:

According to the US Department of Energy, there were only 3,360 electric trucks and buses registered across the country in June and just 720 chargers for medium-duty EVs and 135 for heavy EVs. Because California’s regulations generally guide automobile manufacturing and the policies of other states, the rules are likely to usher a national transition of commercial traffic over to electric or hydrogen-powered trucks and vans.

Gage Zero, an EV-charging-hub developer and operator, is also working with property owners to convert industrial outdoor storage sites to charging locations, Zeina El-Azzi, the company’s CEO, said. The company is arranging deals for stations in southern California, Texas, New York City, New Jersey, and Colorado. El-Azzi said her firm had sought to purchase or lease sites to operate charging businesses or to partner with landlords and jointly oversee such projects. 

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