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You Don’t Have To Wait To Electrify

Fleet charging infrastructure with a purpose

Why Choose Gage Zero?

Comprehensive EV Fleet Operations

Gage Zero accelerates the transition to zero emissions by providing conveniently located, reliable EV charging infrastructure with no upfront costs so fleets can maintain reliable, safe operations. We are also committed to benefitting the communities we work in.
The Gage Zero team is building a future-oriented, equitable, diverse, and sustainable organization to tackle one of the world’s most vital industries – commercial transportation. We’ve got the technical know-how, grid-scale infrastructure experience, and unwavering drive to fulfill our mission.


We are building a zero emission future, together.

We are on a mission to develop, own, and operate reliable electric truck charging infrastructure that accelerates zero emission fleets and benefits communities.



We operate with a high standard of ethics, deliver on our promises, and consider all stakeholders in how we treat people and the planet.


We communicate openly and honestly, make metrics-driven decisions, and learn and share from our experiences.

Reliability & Safety

We prioritize the safety of our team, clients, community, and environment. We deliver high-quality projects and processes that ensure efficiency, safety, and seamless operations.


We listen to and work together with all stakeholders, seeking feedback from each other, our partners, and our customers, leading with empathy and assuming positive intent.

Thoughtful Stewardship

We make the best decisions possible for our company, the environment, and the communities we serve with the resources available to us.

Equity is at our core

We believe everyone deserves the right to a clean future.

We are a women-led organization, working towards our B-corp status. As leaders in the global movement to fight climate change, we are working towards an inclusive and just transition to electric fleet transportation.

Our Story

Co-founders Zeina El-Azzi, Faisal El-Azzouzi, and Carly Filler are passionate about building a zero emission future. They founded Gage Zero to build out the transportation electrification infrastructure needed to ensure a cleaner planet for generations to come.

The name “Gage Zero” was inspired by Matilda Joselyn Gage, an American activist and writer who campaigned for women’s suffrage, Native rights, abolitionism, and more. It is believed the term “Matilda effect” – a bias where the achievements of women are attributed to their male colleagues – was named after Gage.